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Anglo-Saxon Winchester

Inner Close of Winchester Cathedral ¨The Close¨ Winchester¨ Hampshire¨ SO23 9LS

Wander into the inner close of our Cathedral and take a huge step back into history with Regia Anglorum. Gain insight into what the clothing, crafts and look of the peoples who inhabited Winchester over 1000 years ago.

We all have read the history books when we were at school. Regia attempts to put is into a more easily digested form with reenactment and living history, via knowledgeable members who have reconstructed all their costume and tools following all the latest research into the Anglo-Saxon period. They will add colour and sounds that have been missing from the place for many years.

Winchester was at the heart of many aspects of the period and under almost constant stress because of the Vikings. Their constant presence ensured that Winchester became a key site in Anglo-Saxon England. So if you should see a Viking – let us know! They were great traders and brought many exciting things to this country.

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Just follow the sights and sounds of Anglo-Saxon Winchester!