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Medieval Knights at the Westgate

The Westgate Museum, High Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9AP

The clank of medieval armour and the sound of clashing blades will once again ring out around the Westgate and Castle Precinct as knights of the High Middle Ages demonstrate the art of medieval combat.

Demonstrations of hand-to-hand combat will be taking place outside and there will also be a show and tell activity inside The Westgate.

The Westgate, a scheduled monument, is now a museum, a branch of Winchester Museums Service. It was built to be one of the defensible gateways in Winchester’s city walls the line of which was first established when the Romans founded the town of Venta Belgarum around AD 70. The line of the walls remained substantially unaltered throughout later times and, though the Westgate’s present structure is medieval and dates mainly from the 12th to the 14th centuries, it is thought to stand on the site of the earlier Roman west gate. Towards the end of medieval times the city’s walls and gateways became obsolete and dilapidated. The east, north and south gates succumbed to demolition and other uses were found for the Westgate.

●  Saturday 15 September: 1100-1600

No booking required.

Access Information:
Demonstrations of hand-to-hand combat will be on the site of the castle between The Great Hall and The Westgate with easy wheelchair access. The show and tell activity will take place in The Westgate chamber, which only has access via narrow stone steps.

The Westgate is at the top of the High Street not far from the Great Hall and Round Table.