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Our Greatest Treasure: The English Language and Winchester

  • Winchester Discovery Centre Winchester, SO23 8SB (map)

The Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street, Winchester, SO23 8SB

People can find out about and ask questions about why it was that the speech of a North Sea island has become the global language, why Her Majesty doesn’t speak like a Hampshire farmer, and what Winchester’s got to do with it.

Right here in Winchester, the English Language is the greatest treasure of our heritage. It is our greatest gift to ourselves and our greatest gift to the world. Come to the Discovery Centre on 13 September and find out all about it. Ask questions. Why has the speech of a North Sea island has become the global language? Why doesn’t Her Majesty speak like a Hampshire farmer? And what Winchester’s got to do with it?

What was once the tongue of Angles, Saxons, and Jutes on a North Sea island fifteen hundred years ago has become the language of almost two billion people. ‘What seems to me to be happening’, says Salman Rushdie, ‘is that those people who were once colonized by the language are now rapidly remaking it, domesticating it, becoming more and more relaxed about the way they use it - assisted by the English language’s enormous flexibility and size, they are carving out large territories for themselves within its frontiers.’ 

The English Project puts scholarship at the service of the public to show where the English language is going as well as where it has come from.

Booking opens 7th August for this event